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About BIOF

Bodø International Organ Festival is an annual festival taking place at the end of April.

Bodø International Organ Festival was created in 2002, after the inaguration week for the new organ in the Rønvik church proved very successful, and since 2003 it has been known as BIOF. The festival always takes place at the end of April, on the week of April 26th, which is the birth date of famous local composer Fridthjov Anderssen (born 1876). During the festival week you can experience classical organ concerts, the organ in new and different settings, jazz concerts, lunch concerts, choir conserts, master classes and other organ related conserts and events. In addition to this, the seminars and youth courses hosted by the North Norwegian Centre for Church Music always take place at the same time. Along with students from different music colleges and universities, all the participants join in to make our festival a great experience. 

Dates for the 2016 festival are April 22-26. (Friday through Tuesday). The festival program will be announced shortly.

Contakt information:

Postal address: Storgata 29, 8006 Bodø, Norway
Visiting address: Prinsens gate 113, Bodø, Norway
Phone: +47 755 00332 / +47 900 77268 (Producer)

Who are we?

Tove Helen Bakkemo

CEO, North Norwegian Centre for Church Music:
Tove Helen Bakkemo
Phone: +47 416 48721
Mail: tb546@kirken.no

Rakel Skaar Kristensen Producer: 
Rakel Skaar Kristensen
Phone: +47 900 77268
Mail: rk782@kirken.no
Øystein Jæger Program Committee: 
Øystein Jæger
Phone: +47 950 86406
Mail: oj447@kirken.no
Gro Bergrabb

Program committee:
Gro Bergrabb
Phone: +47 99231385
Mail: gb555@kirken.no 

Tim Stern

Program committee: 
Tim Stern
Phone: +47 977 36503
Mail: timstern08@aim.com

Mie Berg Program committee: 
Mie Berg
Phone: +47 993 59387
Mail: joyandlightning@gmail.com