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Friday April 22nd:

7 pm Opening concert, Bodø Cathedral
With: Sinfonietta from the Arctic Philharmonic, conductor: Kai Grinde Myrann, organists: Bjørn Andor Drage, Øystein Jæger, Gro Bergrabb, carillonneur: Vegar Sandholt.
New composition by Nils Henrik Asheim 
Bodvar Moe: ”i mørket ser vi stjerner”
The concert is part of the bicentennial celebration for the city of Bodø.

Saturday April 23rd:

1 pm Lunch concert, Bodin church
5 pm Concert with the BIOF organ youth course participants,       Rønvik church
8pm Organ night, Bodø cathedral
With: Nils Henrik Asheim, Bjørn Andor Drage, Ylajali, Mahsa Vahdat, Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer and more

Sunday April 24th:

11 am Festival service, Bodø cathedral 
5 pm Concert for children: ”Toccattack”, Rønvik church 
8 pm Christian Kjos & Barokkanerne, Bodin church

Monday April 25th:

9 am Masterclass Hans Fagius, Bodin church
1 pm Lunch concert, Rønvik church
2 pm Masterclass continuo Christian Kjos
6 pm Concert with Hans Fagius, Bodin church
8 pm ”The mystery of faith”, Bodø cathedral

Tuesday April 26th:

9 pm Masterclass Hans Fagius, Bodin church
1 pm Lunch concert, Bodø cathedral
2 pm Masterclass organ tuning Heiko Lorenz
7 pm Fridthjov Anderssen 140 years, Stormen concert house
With: Vocal art with conductor Kjetil Almenning, Bodø Orchestral Society with conductor Øystein Jæger and a large male choir

Celebrating the 140 year anniversary of the composer, conductor and organist Fridthjov Anderssen.